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When the Surf is Down, Boarding is Still Up

Skateboards Carlsbad

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Skateboards Carlsbad

Skateboarding is an art of expression in the form of athleticism. It is musical and you could almost call it a dance. It is sensuous in its movements, frightful in its daring, and exhilarating in its performance.

In the past, artists would paint, sculpt, compose, and write. Athletes would run, jump, show feats of strength, wrestle, and throw. Each age seems to blossom with its own expressions.

In this age we have skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and BMX biking; so many of the same moves can be seen to be parallel. A great short board surfer today incorporates the moves he could learn in skateboarding and snowboarding and vice versa for each.

I used to wonder why many of the youth were not playing traditional sports such as baseball, basketball, and football. Boarding doesn’t require tryouts, team play, coaching, bench sitting, or hierarchies. Everyone gets to play when they want and how they want. And there is great camaraderie and sense of belonging.

Picking the right board or set up is one more great option. You may choose depending on your level of skill, the type of activity you like and your budget.

Long Boards Carlsbad

Long boards are growing in popularity. They are easier for the beginning skater and they are more optimum for high performance speed. They can be up to six feet long for sidewalk cruising and 40 to 42 inches for easy sidewalk and street use. Professionals racing down hills add special parts and wheels and the long board is very stable. The boards are becoming stiffer because they maintain speed. The long board like its cousin in surfing allows walking up and down, step over footing, sliding, and long graceful carves.

Wheels Carlsbad

The shorter 30 inch boards have the small wheels for tricks and parks. Boarders want to be close to the ground. Once you hit the sidewalks and streets you want to avoid crashing on rocks and cracks. The 65 to 70 mm wheels are great for speed and safety. The wider wheels are best for downhill runs where stability and sliding are favored characteristics.

Trucks Carlsbad

No one has to be sold on the value of trucks. They are the heart of the skateboard. Everyone would mostly likely prefer the best, but they are the expensive part. Depending on budget and use, there is a wide variety of brands. Unlike the less expensive parts like wheels and bearings, trucks can last the lifetime of the board. It is one of the first upgrades to consider if you want incrementally better performance. Before upgrading trucks, however, you might consider changing the bushings.

Bushings Carlsbad

The beginner would never think bushings are important because advertisers rarely mention them. Trucks and wheels are promoted because they are the easiest to use for price comparison. But once you start practicing, you many learn how changing the bushings and adding a wedge are two is the way to upgrade your board’s performance. I took and inexpensive board with Randel tracks and Krypton wheels then upgraded the bushings and added a wedge and created a board that would perform like twice the price. To modify the performance for a different feel, you can even make the bushings different on each truck to really finesse the performance.

Decks Carlsbad

The short boarders are tough on decks and might break lots of them during the life of their set up. Decks can be purchased for strength, but there is only so much torque and pounding they can withstand. The decks have their own attributes depending on how you want to ride and tricks you want to learn. The long board deck does not endure the stress of the short board and tends to last longer. Maple is the common wood and most boards use up to 7 layers of maple glued together.

Bearings Carlsbad

The first part to wear out is usually the wheel bearings. This might be a great time to upgrade for a longer ride. At least they are one of the least expensive parts under stress. However if looking for more speed and less work, the bearings might be the place to start.

Tuning Carlsbad

If you want more performance of want to vary the performance, tuning and enhancing with different parts may deliver the difference before investigating the purchase of a new board. You can change decks, trucks, wheels, bushings, and bearings or any combination. Your local shop pro might be a good counselor to help you modify with the least expense. Watching your buddies that do the tricks you want to emulate might be a starting place to check their board set up. Ask for demo ride and see if their board has what you are looking for. In fact the more set ups you try, the more precise you may become in finding the right set up for yourself.

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